Baby Milestone Stickers for Photographs and Scrapbooks

Mud Pie

$6.49 $12.99


You've seen the monthly stickers. Now you can spruce up the scrapbook with the Mud Pie Baby Milestone stickers. They are perfect for photographing the special moments in your baby's life, or simply stick them on the scrapbook pages! What a thoughtful baby shower gift!

Two styles available:

  1. pink, green and blue for the girls
  2. red, blue and green for the boys.

Stickers include:

  • Just Arrived
  • I walked today!
  • I talked today!
  • I smiled today!
  • I said Mama today!
  • I said Dada today!
  • I waved today!
  • I had solid food today!
  • I rolled over today!
  • I got my first tooth today!
  • I sat up today!
  • I stood up today!